Seven Adventure Ideas for Your Next Vacation

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Many adventure lovers dream of visiting every region of the world at least once in their lifetime. Going on unknown adventures is particularly enticing, and the adrenaline rush is always worth the risk. Although you may only be able to travel to some adventure destinations worldwide, here are seven exciting activities you can try on your next vacation. 

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving is an excellent choice for adrenaline junkies. All your senses come to life when you hop off the plane and feel the wind dash past you. The intense adrenaline rush from the over 200-kilometre-per-hour freefall is next to none. As you get used to the experience, the parachute breaks your fall, and you begin gliding in the air as you descend gently. 

The Emirates offers great skydiving locations. The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, is among the most famous. You get to enjoy the stunning views as you jump and free-fall over the picturesque island. Among the iconic landmarks you’ll witness are The Palm, Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis. A tandem package will cost you 2,199 AED or approximately 600 USD. The package includes an instructor attached to you via a harness to guide you through the jump. It also incorporates standard photos, videos, and a medical cover. 

Although the experience is not the cheapest, it’s certainly one you want to tick off your adventure bucket list. 

Hot-Air Balloon Ride in Turkey

Hot-air balloon rides are known for their breathtaking views and thrilling ascents. Your balloon silently gets off the ground and rises to a specific height, gliding smoothly across the air. In Cappadocia, Turkey, balloons fly at a maximum altitude of 6,000 feet. The area is famous for its panoramic view of otherworldly volcanic formations and several hot-air balloons floating over valleys. 

The hot-air balloon season runs all year long. You only need to plan for a specific month if you are trying to avoid the typical tourist hustle-bustle. If that’s the case, March to June and September to November are the best times to travel. Make your reservations early to ensure you don’t miss a slot while on holiday in Turkey. 

For the ultimate vacation experience, stay at a cave hotel with rooms carved into mountainsides or rock pillars. 

Spend a Night Under the Northern Lights

Adventure means different things to different people. It does not have to be adrenaline-inducing. Watching the Northern Lights is a top bucket list experience for any adventure traveler who prefers more chilled and relaxing experiences. The dance of colors in the sky is a unique phenomenon. You can see the lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, from northern Alaska, Greenland, Finland, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Adding this experience to your adventure should be easy with these numerous possibilities.

However, the lights are not predictable. You may not catch them if you have little time in the Arctic Circle. In Finland, the lights can be seen 200 nights each year. The Aurora is Finland’s most remarkable light show. If you decide to view the lights, try staying around for a while so you don’t miss them. You can book stays at unique places like the Arctic Treehouse Hotel for a holistic experience of the lights, people, and culture. 

Waterfall Rappelling in the White Mountains, New Hampshire (NH)

Waterfall rappelling involves going down a waterfall using a harness and rope anchored at the top of the cliff. To begin rappelling, you must hike to the top of your chosen cliff before descending the waterfall’s rock face. An accident from rappelling can lead to severe injuries. As a result, instructors offer training on dry hillsides near the site to enable you to find your balance before you descend an actual waterfall. 

Not many things are as exhilarating as slowly descending a rock face amidst the foamy sprays characteristic of waterfalls. While most people associate waterfall rappelling with exotic locations like Costa Rica, you can experience it in the White Mountains of NH. Once you reach the mountains, you must hike 100 feet up to the fall location. In the White Mountains, you do not need to practice on the side before taking on a waterfall. An instructor will guide you through the descent if you need to be more experienced. 

Overnight caving | McMinnville, Tennessee (TN)

The idea of walking into an unknown cave can be scary for many. Also, caving has inherent dangers, with approximately 15 people getting hurt in American caves every year. Despite the risk, over 2,000,000 Americans get into caves annually. For adventure lovers, the reward of interacting with plant and animal life one may never meet anywhere else, and the thrill of experiencing some of the world’s most remote areas far outweigh the dangers. 

In the Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, TN, you can walk through 32 miles of underground passages with unique rock formations, pools, and waterfalls. What’s more, there’s an option to sleep over. Guided excursions typically involve an all-around mountain tour featuring underground camping, cave crawling, ladder climbs, and breakfast in the attraction’s Volcano Room. As much as the adventure is safe and instructed, always remember to bring your personal safety items, like the first aid kit. You never know what might happen down there. 

A Weekend in Washington’s Wildlife Areas

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) strives to offer great recreational experiences for every outdoor enthusiast across Washington’s wildlife areas. Although the areas are home to wildlife and fish, they provide enough space for outdoor adventure. The WDFW allows you to hike, camp, hunt, and fish within its lands. These activities support both the local economy and the state’s wildlife-related recreation sector. 

Besides, the WDFW permits visitors to enjoy dispersed target shooting within its areas. However, you must locate a spot that adheres to local and state laws. The shooting regulations are similar to those of most ranges in America, with some additions for wildlife safety. Bring your everyday carry firearm with customizations like a Glock base plate to get in some good practice. And as always, make sure you use your firearm responsibly within the wildlife areas. Also, if you are transporting firearms from one state to another, be sure to check the gun laws for each state. Many states have varying regulations addressing how firearms can be transported. 

A Safari in The Serengeti

For a unique experience full of animal kingdom wonders, travel to Tanzania, a popular destination for memorable wildlife safaris. The country’s Serengeti National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While at the Serengeti, you will likely spot some, if not all, of the Big Five – elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, and lions. 

You can enjoy this park in many ways. You could do a hot-air balloon flight and get a bird’s eye view of the vegetation and wildlife. Alternatively, you could do a game drive and get as close to the animals as possible. Visit the Serengeti between April and July to see the majestic migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeests into the Maasai Mara, Kenya. 

A holiday with your family in this part of the world would genuinely make your children’s Lion King fantasies come true. 

Final Thoughts

Adventure is as diverse as it gets. Whatever gets you pumped up might be flat and dull to your friend. No matter how varied your adventure tastes are, you and your loved ones will certainly find something worth trying together in this list. Do not limit yourself to your state or country. Move out and explore!

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